Industrial Hazardous Waste - Aimco Solrec

Industrial Hazardous Waste Disposal
& Clean Recycled Solvent

Cost effective solutions

Aimco has been providing innovative environmental solutions for industry across Ontario and Quebec since 1974. We transport, dispose, and recycle industrial hazardous waste and hazardous materials. We do it efficiently while minimizing your transportation and disposal costs.

Our award winning facility is strategically located in Milton Ontario. We provide daily service to the Greater Toronto Area with regular weekly service across Ontario and Quebec from Windsor to Montreal.

Solvent Recycling

Solvent Recycling reduces waste, helps the environment, and saves you money. Aimco produces more than 100 stock and custom solvent blends as well as custom reclamation of your solvent waste.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

We will solve your disposal challenges. Aimco responsibly disposes and recycles waste solvents, paints, inks, glycol, oil, filters, corrosive material, fuel, specialty chemicals and more.

Fuel Blending

Fuel Blending reduces the strain on our natural resources by providing an alternate fuel source for cement kilns.

Bulk Tanker and Vacuum Truck Service - Aimco Solrec

Bulk Tanker & Vacuum Truck Service

Professional and courteous service

Our fleet of bulk tankers and vacuum trucks are available for bulk waste pickups and clean solvent deliveries. Aimco drivers are the best in the industry and work safely and efficiently.

Hazardous Waste Transportation - Aimco Solrec

LTL Waste & Solvent Service

From a few containers to hundreds of drums

We can handle any quantity of waste you have. We also deliver clean solvent in any quantity from a single pail to hundreds of drums and totes.

Environmental Responsibility

Aimco Solrec is devoted to the safe and efficient management of industrial waste. We help your company stay compliant with Ontario Ministry of Environment & Climate Change (MOECC) regulations.

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