Company Profile

Aimco Solrec has been providing reliable solvent recycling, fuel blending, and environmental services for more than 30 years. Today the company is well positioned to participate in some of the industry's most promising growth developments.

Aimco is continually driven to surpass their customer requirements for clean, reclaimed solvent. The company utilizes the latest technology and innovative solutions to produce more than 100 stock and custom solvent blends. Through such initiatives, Aimco has grown to become one of the largest producers of reclaimed solvent in Southern Ontario. The company currently produces approximately 25% of the total market demand for reclaimed solvent in the Greater Toronto Area.

Aimco Solrec is a leader in mitigating damage to the environment by recycling waste into fuel and reducing fossil-fuel consumption. The company's fuel blending process can accept many liquid and solid industrial wastes. The blend is reused as a fuel alternate in high temperature kilns of cement-producing facilities or, in certain cases, for high temperature destruction. In this manner, suitable wastes are disposed of safely and many are put to a practical use helping to conserve our non-renewable resources such as water, metal, coal, oil, and natural gas.

Aimco Solrec Ltd. has licensed and equipped all vehicles and trained professional drivers for safe transportation of hazardous waste. Vehicles and tankers undergo meticulous performance tests and maintenance to ensure reliable, worry-free service.

The company offers an array of specialized environmental services such as lab packing, industrial cleaning, tank removal, site remediation, and regulatory assistance and training. Our technical team is ready to assist your company in meeting its environmental goals.

Aimco Solrec is fully committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of employees, contractors and the public, as well as the physical environment, by operating our facility safely and reliably. The company's safety record is consistently among the best in Canadian industry.

We also share the concern that Canadians have for the environment. As individuals and citizens, we want to ensure a legacy that includes a clean and healthy environment. Our commitment to the new Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) program (which prohibits the land disposal of untreated hazardous wastes and requires the wastes to meet specific treatment standards) is just one example of our dedication to the global community.

Aimco's award winning facility is strategically located in Milton Ontario and is able to provide efficient service to the Greater Toronto Area with ongoing service runs stretching from Windsor to Montreal.